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"The language of stone surpasses the language of humans" - Rabindranath Tagore

"I'm going to build my secrets into the Geometry of these buildings, because
I know that books can be burned but buildings not so easily."
- Thomas Jefferson

"In a world of greed and exploitation, certain of mankind can no longer supress
that which is truth."
- Admiral Byrd


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The Carnac Stones - Decoded

The Newport Tower, RI USA

The Kensington Runestone, MN USA

The Yonaguni Pyramid - Japan

The Bosnian Pyramid Geoglyphs

The Medicine Hat Canada Geoglyphs

The Indonesian Pyramids

The Ancient City of Caral Peru


The Location of Ancient Geoglyphs depicted
on the Juan de la Cosa Map of 1500AD

Celtic Territory Defined by Stonehenge

Geoglyphs Placed by Christopher Columbus

Territorial Geoglyph at Tiniteqilaq, Greenland

The Inspiration Peak MN, North American Territory, Survey Marker

Destination of Henry Sinclair I in America

The 5000+ year old North American Territory that eventually became the USA

An American Celtic "Henge"

The 7000 Year Old "Golfo de Cintra" Geoglyph

The Ancient Geoglyph at Capetown Africa

The Relationship of the Two Meteor Craters
One South and One North of South America


The Ohio Serpent Mound Decoded

The Yonaguni Pyramid Mystery

The Medicine Hat Canada Mystery

The Indonesion Pyramid Mystery

The Bosnian Pyramid Mystery

Purpose of the Mayan Pyramids in Tenerife, Canary Islands

The Newport Tower Mystery, RI USA

The Kensington Runestone Mystery

Woodhenge, UK - Decoded


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