Geoglyph Projects

Appearing below is a list of completed and ongoing geoglyphic projects being conducted by the Foundation.

Yonaguni Pyramid - Yonaguni, Japan
Giza Pyramids - Cairo, Egypt
Pyramids of Mexico
Turkish Pyramids, China
Stonehenge and Woodhenge, United Kingdom
The Newport Tower, RI and The Kensington Runestone, Minnesota USA
Skilly Island Tomb Glyphs, United Kingdom
The Glyphs Hidden in the Paintings of Diego Rivera, Mexico
The Many Glyphs, Worldwide, That Point to the Newport Tower Location
The Many Glyphs Worldwide that Point to Inspiration Peak
The Many Glyphs Worldwide that Provide the Key to solving the Newport Tower Mystery
The Astonishing Message Hidden in the Street Layout of Montezuma's Mexico City
The Message Hidden in the Street Layout of Washington, DC USA
The Secret Message of the 1500 AD Juan de la Cosa Map.
Why Luxor and Thebes Became the Spiritual Center of Egypt
The Secrets of Caral, Peru
The Altamera Canal Glyphs of Brazil
The 13th Century Greenland Geoglyph Which Outlines the Viking Territory
The Mississippian "Indians" of North America
The Geoglyphs of the Anazasi Indians of Western America
The Secrets of Gobekli Tepi, Turkey
The Geometric Significance of the Pyramids of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Nabta Playa, Egypt
The First World Order (10,000 BC)
The Second World Order (4th-2nd Century BC)
The Glyphs Inside the Borders of the United States (Extensive, over 200 color plates to date.)
The Glyphs of Mexico.
The Glyphs of the United Kingdom
The Glyphs of France
The Glyphs of Brazil
The Glyphs of Peru
The Glyphs of China
The Glyphs of New Zealand
The Glyphs of the Near East

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